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I have been exactly where you are; the long days dealing with clients and lenders then late nights doing admin. Wanting to get support but not wanting to let go or worrying about the cost.

Perhaps you’re still young or don’t even have your own mortgage and are suffering from ‘imposter syndrome’.

Whether you’re looking to get your business started, take the next step and get your first employee or grow your business even further I can help. 

Whether you are just getting started as a mortgage adviser or you want a lifestyle business that doesn’t demand your attention 24 hours a day, want to take more than one holiday a year, spend time with family or are looking to grow your business I can help you with:

  • Business strategy, planning and growth
  • Identifying your ideal client or niche
  • Systems and streamlining your business
  • Marketing and social media strategy
  • Plus much more…

My 90-minute Broker Consulting Zoom Call: £250 + VAT

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My Broker Blueprint offers a 3 month mentoring programme providing you with the essential tools of the job, strategies and systems that I used to develop my own business that has enabled me to take frequent holidays every year and and have my business run itself meaning I can further achieve my dreams by helping others achieve theirs.

We will work together to identify your requirements and priorities and develop a roadmap to follow. We can undertake monthly Zoom calls allowing us to develop, assess and test the new systems and strategies, adjusting accordingly as we go. I’ll also be on hand for those burning questions and when you need a sounding board for the ideas that I guarantee will flow. 

However, if you’d prefer other arrangements that’s fine by me; we will discuss what suits you best and what will give you the most bang for your buck. 

The Broker Blueprint also includes:

Admin Toolkit includes all of the client and back-office documentation and paperwork I use to run my business. I also provide you with a list of apps, programmes and systems I use. In addition, I will provide you with an overview of admin support including how to recruit staff or obtain admin support, the pros and cons of each and the expected costs. 

Social Media Toolkit includes an overview of the various social media channels and how they can best be used to bring you business and importantly boost your reputation and social capital. This is NOT about placing paid for ads; this is how to use these platforms for FREE. I will also provide you with a list of the best apps and programmes to use. And as if that’s not enough I will also provide you with white labelled posts, infographics and articles to get you started as well as set you up on the best multimedia editing site. 

New Adviser Toolkit includes everything you need to get started as a new Mortgage Adviser. Obtaining CeMAP is only a fraction of the story, there’s so much more to learn about the role and running a business and I want to help you with this. A 12 week training programme, checklists, document templates, adviser guidance and tips, standard operating procedures, case studies, business opportunities and so much more.

Broker Blueprint: £2000 + VAT

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Why should you trust me to help you with your business?

Launching at the height of the credit crunch in 2009 I was an Appointed Representative of several networks before going Directly Authorised in 2015. Previously qualified to Advanced CeMAP Professional level, as well as qualified for Regulated Equity Release and a member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB), the Institute of Financial Services, The London Institute of Banking & Finance, the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries and the Association of Bridging Professionals. I won several awards including being nominated for and being named a Financial Times Top 25 Adviser.

I have been in the property industry for over 20 years having done over 200 property deals of my own in that time including refurbishments, developments, conversions and new build as well as acquiring a large portfolio of rental properties. I pioneered strategies in the UK such as lease options, rent to own, sale and rent back, assisted sales and many more. There’s barely a scenario I haven’t come across. This gave me a unique insight into being a mortgage adviser.

Being a forensic scientist for 15 years also gave me skills in compliance and problem solving that served me well as a mortgage adviser. I am a CPD qualified trainer; achieving the highest scores of any student with an average of 98.5%. My business had a number of external compliance audits and has scored top marks every time with no breaches or remediation requirements; one auditor commented he had never come across a company with a perfect report in his entire career until us.

With only myself as an adviser and one admin support, I went on to become the top business producer in the region and even the UK for numerous buy to let lenders. My firm completed over half a billion pounds of mortgages in this time.

I employed several advisers and admin support and I also used remote admin assistance, so can guide you on all aspects of recruitment and support. I created a lifestyle business that enabled me to take frequent holidays every year and travel the world knowing my business was taken care of. It then enabled me to expand into other areas such as multimedia and consultancy. I’ve always loved helping others and having a business run itself meant I could further achieve my dreams by helping others achieve theirs.

The level of business, and more importantly level of quality business, did not go unnoticed with lenders. I am often asked to consult with heads of lending and underwriting on lending and valuation policy, new products and for opinion.

We specialised in finance for buy to let and in particular HMOs and I am a highly regarded authority on the subject, with press, lenders and investors regularly seeking my opinion on the topic. I have assisted several lenders with their HMO methodology and valuation policy and my portfolio data capture form has been adopted by a number of lenders.

I thoroughly understand the changes to the property and mortgage industry as a result of tax changes in recent years and work closely with tax advisers on incorporation strategies; portfolios and limited company lending for investors can provide big returns for advisers. Similarly, the bridging and development lending market can generate significant commissions for advisers and if this is a niche you wish to get into I can help guide you as it’s an area I am very familiar with as a former adviser and a developer and investor myself.

Due to our reputation and relationship with lenders we were appointed Strategic Partners with Shawbrook in less than a year on panel. Following business strategy discussions with Paragon we helped develop their Premier Panel with only 9 brokers nationwide, all of the rest of which were large brokerages and packagers. We were regularly invited on to specialist and commercial lenders panels normally restricted to the largest brokerages or packagers. We were the first and only DA firm allowed to submit business to TSB on its split from Lloyds. We were also a packager for Together and a number of other mortgage advisers.

We ran a remote and paperless business with clients all over the world. The way we operated enabled us to do significantly more business than other firms. I’ll share with you all the systems and methods we used to achieve this success.

I have been involved with social media before it was even called social media. I’ve built a huge online presence and social capital. I developed a social media strategy for an entire network. I didn’t advertise and all of our business was generated by social media and/or referral. A strong online presence is essential in this digital age; you simply can’t afford to ignore it and I’ll share with you all my tips and strategies such as how I made £5,000 from a single tweet that didn’t even mention mortgages!

Mortgage Adviser Testimonial

“As a relatively new adviser, I was unsure as to what ‘good looked like’ in terms of training and what were the best systems to use.
The New Adviser Training Tool Kit has been an invaluable source of education, and even now, a few months down the line,
I still use it as a point of reference, especially around the information sheets – What Good Looks Like and Tip Sheets.
Twenty years worth of experience and knowledge, succinctly cocooned in a way that only Lisa knows how to.
The 15 case studies really opened my eyes around the possible pitfalls and barriers for even the simplest of cases.
Lisa, thank you for making it easy and painless, in making me a better adviser.”

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