Leaseholds and Types of Property Ownership

May 11, 2021
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In this episode I explain the many types of property ownership including freehold, leasehold, share of freehold, commonhold and Scottish feuhold.

I cover the many issues to look out for when buying these properties including costs you might face, legals, finance and Cornish pasties.

I also cover splitting titles of multi unit blocks and matters landlords and developers should be aware of.


Following the publication of this podcast the Govt have announced the launch of a multi body council to look into using the Commonhold model more often. More details in the link below:-

Here are the links I refer to in the podcast:-

Bona Vacantia Property List

Lease Advice and Calculator

You can download Land Registry titles at this link:-

Here’s an overview of the current situation regarding EWS1 requirements:-

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